Dear couple,
Your spouse must not only love you, he/she must also be “in love” with you and it’s the responsibility of both of you to ensure this. Love is a choice and an unconditional responsibility, that’s the work part of marriage. “Being in love” is a response to deliberate sweet stimuli, that’s the play part of marriage. Both must be present in every good marriage.

All work and no play makes marriage a dull place. It takes two wings to fly smoothly. Every home needs the love and “in love” wings.

When couples only love each other and are no more in love, the marriage will succeed with two miserably bored individuals but if they love and are also in love, it succeeds with gleeful excitement. There’s a difference between success and good success. God desires not just success for us but good success.

So spice up your relationship, inject some romance into that home. Bros, take her out for God’s sake, give her some words to think about. Sis, get some snazzy night gown, a G-string won’t spoil your holiness, trust me.

Your wife loves you but make her fall in love with you again, your husband loves you but make him day dream afresh. Don’t just love, be in love .