Yes, it’s true that the wife is the crown and not the husband. The husband is just the head. But you see, without the head, the crown is nothing but an ornament to be kept somewhere inside. Just like without the crown, the king’s coronation is incomplete.

We need each other and one is not better than the other. Love and marriage is not a tournament to pick the winner, it’s not a competition to reward the better. It’s a union of the complimentary parts, the unraveling of the jigsaw puzzle.

So to all couples out there. You can do it, it can and will work. Just relent a bit, let the other have a way, relinquish your rights, play the dummy for each other small today. Yes, I know he’s got it coming and she’s been really pushing you these days and you’re probably wondering what is wrong with this trouble shooter in my house, 😂😂😂. But you know what? He’s still annoying you so much because you still care and she’s still frustrating you that much because you still love her. So face it, you need each other.

Make love today, not war. Choose to hug and not hurt. Assist, don’t resist. Support, don’t report. It doesn’t mean you are a fool, it only shows you are cool. 😇.

My heart goes out this morning to all couples having one struggle or the other. Don’t worry, there’s only one sure thing that happens to storms, they eventually calm down. Shalom.